The Orthodox Jewish community of Moldova has revived

Our goal is to be the beating heart of the Jewish community in Chisinau, a place with the doors always open that every Jew from Moldova can enter

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בישול אוכל בבית הכנסת המרכזי בקישינבKosher food programs

Kosher food programs

We provide free kosher meals every day, and throughout the year: two meals every morning and evening, as well as rich Shabbat meals. Jewish women who have been involved in cooking have long-term experience in the field. We follow Eastern European style with its soulful touches.

Our volunteers also bring food to the homes of elderly, ill and needy people. We also provide kosher food on site as well as strictly kosher meats and poultry. There is also a kosher pizzeria in our premises, to the delight of the community, combining Israeli and Romanian baking style.

חגי ישראל בבית הכנסת המרכזי של קהילת קישינבFamily celebrations and Jewish holidays

Family celebrations and Jewish holidays

Public Pesach arrangements with hundreds of people are held in the community, bringing together tables loaded with festive and kosher food. Other holidays are also celebrated, when hazanim come to the place with the help of rabbis from Israel or Europe to help conduct the events. Along with professionals our team of volunteers works hard to create a lively Jewish atmosphere. Family celebrations are another significant part of the community life: brit-mila, when the most experienced mohel from Israel comes specially to every event, including the well-known Rav Kramer (who made it for over 5,000 children to this day with great success). A professional team prepares children for bar and bat-mitzvah. In unfortunate cases of funerals, there are volunteers who accompany the deceased on his or her last path according to Jewish tradition.
שיעורים בבית הכנסת הראשי של מולדובהSunday School, after school program, education and entertainment

Sunday School, after school program, education and entertainment

On Sundays, (free day in the public schools of Moldova), throughout the year, a Jewish school platform is working in our community. The Jewish youth was unfortunately cut off from our people’s values for over seventy years, and we hope through our programs guys will absorb the Jewish tradition and enter an atmosphere of unity and love with their Jewish friends. Throughout the year, four times a week studies for children and help with their homework are held in our community. Children also receive a hot meal. We have a significant part of kids from single mothers families – and it is a huge help to mothers who are usually at work. This way they can be safe and secure that their children are in a supportive and nurturing surroundings. Every morning, twice a week, Torah and Jewish tradition classes are held, with some of present being Holocaust survivors or those who suffered from the Soviet regime. In the afternoon, Hebrew classes are held and once a week classes for the adult population on the subjects like Jewish history, and the State of Israel. In addition, those who have received approval from Rabbi Pinchas Zaltsman are entitled to enter conversion preparation classes.
המקווה בבית הכנסת המרכזי של מולדובהSynagogue services and mikvah

Synagogue services and mikvah

Morning prayers take place at 08:30 am throughout the week, after which assistant to Rabbi Daniel Muntean gives a lesson in the Jewish tradition and law. Between Mincha and Maariv there is another lesson three times a week and once a week there is a live video lesson by Rabbi Gaon Iosef Brodbeker from Kiev. Also once a week a lesson is held by our teacher and leader Rabbi Pinchas Zaltsman. Mikveh HaTahara operated for many decades and was completely destroyed by severe weather hazards and has been completely renewed and ready to host Jewish women and men when it is necessary.

During the World War II, the Nazi established a Gestapo headquarters in our synagogue building and Jews held their last prayers there. During the Soviet rule, the building was abandoned, later hosted some offices. Today, the place is again bustling with life, headed by Rabbi Pinchas Zaltsman, whose grandfather was the head of a Chisinau Yeshiva, together with local enthusiastic activists who took on the goal making the place the beating heart of the community in Chisinau.

How can you help?

Hay synagogue in Chisinau
Hay synagogue in Chisinau

You can become a significant part of the chain that connects the Jewish roots and renewal of the present community, where human values are a candle to our future, preceding all intents and purposes.

Through your contribution we can continue to feed the mighty plant and develop this wonderful place, which has already been anchored in the hearts of the local community.